The Bassa Atesina

The Bassa Atesina is situated in the southwest of Bolzano and is the most important wine area of South Tirol.


Bolzano is the capital city of South Tirol. It is situated centrally in the south of South Tirol. The city lies in a hollow which is surrounded on three sides by high mountains.
You can make countless hikes in the surrounding mountains as for example at the Rosengarten or Renon. To reach Renon you can use the funicular of Renon which offers a wonderful view.
Besides the old town of Bolzano offers not only cultural but also the famous arbour of Bolzano. The arbours are the main attraction of Bolzano and at the same time the shopping mile.
In winter Bolzano offers a big Christmas fair, with delicious courts and you can buy various souvenirs.


Trento is the capital of Trentino and from the autonomous province Trentino – South Tirol, it is situated 55 kilometre to the south of Bolzano.

Skiing area

In winter you can go to the obvious skiing areas: Corno del Renon, San Martino in Sarentino, Val d’Ega to skii or romantic winter walkings.

Trails, between vineyards and apple trees

There you can make different excursion for the whole family. The best known is the Valle della Primavera (Spring Valley) extending from the Caldaro Lake to the Lake of Monticolo or the comfortable hike tour from Termeno – sulla strada del vino up to the Caldaro lake.